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Our Mission

Alcove is an enabling company. Through its solutions and services, Alcove’s mission is to assist global organizations to transform their business to be most efficient and cost effective by providing world-class technology & business solutions and services from our state-of-the-art offshore facilities.

In carrying out its mission, Alcove aims to :

We believe that optimal results are achieved by :

We believe, we have the capability as a neutral and objective facilitator, to :

We believe in thorough planning and a structured, top-down approach to solution and service delivery. We realise that as individuals we have a limited understanding and we therefore work in teams, making optimal use of all the ideas available to us. We actively seek business partnerships and involve others, both within Alcove and externally, to enrich our understanding and our capability to deliver the required solutions and services.

Quality Policy

We are committed to total satisfaction of our customers, both external and internal, through innovative and competitive solutions. We nurture excellence by empowering employees with tools, techniques, methods, skills and by providing a pleasant as well as stimulating work environment. Continuous Quality improvement is the essence of everything we do. Every one at Alcove is committed to delivering quality.

Quality Management System

The Quality Management System implements the above stated Quality Policy and includes Organisational Processes, Life Cycle Processes, Life Cycle Support Processes, Quality Processes and various departmental manuals.

Organizational Processes

This group contains processes addressing the area of Business Planning and Development, Business Support and Management of Business Partners. These processes help Alcove maintain a well-defined and consistent interface with customers and are geared towards forging a long-term relationship with the customer.

Quality Processes

Quality processes, such as the Quality Plan, Reviews, Product Certification, and Internal Audits help focus on quality of deliverables and documentation so that Alcove delivers Quality Products to its customers.

Quality Objectives

As part of the policy to maintain strict control on the quality of deliverables, it is mandatory for each project to have a quality plan that sets the level of the quality goals for the project. The adherence to quality goals is continuously monitored at different levels and verified at the end of the project using quantitative project metrics.
The Quality Objectives for each project are defined during the project initiation stage. There are organisation-wide quality objectives (across different projects) and project specific quality objectives, some of which are driven by explicit customer requirements.

We are sensitive to, and respect, the cultural and ethnic diversity of the environments within which our clients operate and we work with our global clients keeping these in mind these sensitivities.

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